soo imeldific..

{November 19, 2006}   ajero freak,mr.mortos and neo kills!

saturday classes, HELL for everyone but it can be sometimes great! =) bio and english class. hehe.. mr.ajero <baliwan class> he always say this words :”ang ingay ingay nitong mga bata na to! bibitawan ko kayo eh.” and my response: “TAGAL????” i loathe that pervert! arrgh! he’s such a freak! arrgh! hehe.. what about?? i saw kuya ace! mumoy said he’s looking at me! hahaha.. suuuwweeeeeeeett! then, then.. mr. mortos gave us a tons of seatwork! but twas okai, english is lurve though mr.mortos’ sw’s are hard.. šŸ˜€ he dismissed the class aroun3:30 but twas supposed to be 3.. oh well… after after. we went to smf to meet punky malecarium. haha… eg’s such a talkshit! pambalana kayo sa away nyo! wat the hell is ur problem! >:D then,then,then.. jeepney to tine’s house.. wenks! && neo’s wrestling made me so tired.. he’s a FAT oh wrong.. UBER OBESE FAT KID! hahaha.. he wrestled me && then mumoy. he loves bumbasor :)) in neomon.. =))


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