soo imeldific..

{November 19, 2006}   daig mo pang ahas,kaninong pwet kaya hahalikan mo bukas?

KOLUMN! wow! great night.. i got home 3am. i’ve met matyo people. they’re fun to be with.. haha. ayson(vocalist,empty red) introduced me tine and moy to alot of guys. he’s so crazy he once introduced us as:” eto si kwek kwek, si tektek at motmot.. ok group hug!” whatthe?? duh!! ate grace, lurve her, she drove us there. haha.. love the amps. πŸ˜€ 4Dlicious tet? =)) nice,nice.. &&macy=mekmek! lurve her also. &&romina breakdown bout his ex bf.. && jason the no strings attatched mestizo guy. && ozz the cute drummer of ultimate ube.. πŸ˜€ && gino textmat’s cloud9 treat.. hehe && neil’s battery.. thanks neil. &&boss’ asking for black devil. && joleahsa,daneal and the rest of the kids: hinay hinay lang sa bisyo.. its not good! you’re still young! bad yun! =)

&& kolumn’s weng weng! twas really a hard drink! it should be a shot lang eh but its on a glass and has a straw on it! come on! hows that! :)) twas really hard, beers are no match to it.. heck!it made me dizzy.. but twas ok..:D

&&bry is the guy _ 21 texts to me.. hahaha.. sweet! nice one bry.. πŸ˜€ last resort? =))

&& ofcourse……. GREYHOUNDZ = <<33 hahaha!


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