soo imeldific..

{November 29, 2006}   wag ka lilingon. haha!

MOVIE DAY! wednesday. 7-10 the real sched. then 1-5 nstp daycare eklat in don juana in front of COA !woooo! yucky kids! hehe..

10-2 we ate lunch at smf. karate kid. with earl.. haha!

then 12-2 wag kang lilingon. *jem,moy,moi* nice story. we really like to watch the movie because we want to see our skul in the video. hahahaha..:)


{November 29, 2006}   am i missing something?

oo isa pa yaan sa mga “nagbobother” sa aking utak. 😦 at oo! yaan ay tungkol sa tinatawag nilang “love life” na lagi nalang tinatanong sa akin. WALA! STAGNANT NA WALA ! yaan ang lagi kong sagot sa kanilang lahat! pwede ba, wag nyo na ko tatanungin nyan. ansakit kasi sa “heart”. “you know???” ok pa kung tatanungin ninyo ko nito: “musta naman study life? eh and barkada life?” hahaha.. okay! at bumalik na tayo sa “title”.. sayang ba talaga?? madami na rin kasing napalagpas na tao sa buhay ko. at hindi ko alam kung tama ba yung mga ginawa ko. ang hirap kasi mag “compare” ng tao. at alam kong mali yun. at ang hirap i=”open” ang sariling alam ko naman talagang walang pag-asa sayo at hindi mo matanggap lahat lahat ng “flaw” nya. hehe. basta yun.

oh crap! i can’t compose myself this past few days.. i’m really bothered. haay….. i can’t even explain why, oh why, oh why! haha maybe it’s about the break up of jem and eltoinks. yes! it is because of a girl! ANOTHER girl! and that we caught elton in the act of being with that other girl. and the issue between teret and rome. that rome has a gf! arrrgh! boys are really baboys! why cant you be contented? this is so traumatic. i know i shouldn’t stereotype boys- of being cheaters! its just that the issue’s so hot and that i haven’t met a MAN they’re all BOYS. because a man wont do such things. oh crap! i shouldnt be bothered. i know i found that MAN that i will NEVER DOUBT.. He’s GOD. πŸ™‚

{November 28, 2006}   pare-parehas lang kayo.

oo nilalahat ko kayo!

{November 26, 2006}   =s

*He: The name’s Bond, James Bond.
She: The idea’s lost, get lost!*

What i WANT in a man is that HE CAN PROVE me that they areN’T ALL the SAME . =C

thanks bry for making me feel that way last night.. monai’s so lucky.

your sweet txtmessages made me sad.. thanks ha! buti nga tinulugan kita!>:) i cant believe your like them too!

* goodthing ang ganda ng moon last night*=)

KOLUMN! wow! great night.. i got home 3am. i’ve met matyo people. they’re fun to be with.. haha. ayson(vocalist,empty red) introduced me tine and moy to alot of guys. he’s so crazy he once introduced us as:” eto si kwek kwek, si tektek at motmot.. ok group hug!” whatthe?? duh!! ate grace, lurve her, she drove us there. haha.. love the amps. πŸ˜€ 4Dlicious tet? =)) nice,nice.. &&macy=mekmek! lurve her also. &&romina breakdown bout his ex bf.. && jason the no strings attatched mestizo guy. && ozz the cute drummer of ultimate ube.. πŸ˜€ && gino textmat’s cloud9 treat.. hehe && neil’s battery.. thanks neil. &&boss’ asking for black devil. && joleahsa,daneal and the rest of the kids: hinay hinay lang sa bisyo.. its not good! you’re still young! bad yun! =)

&& kolumn’s weng weng! twas really a hard drink! it should be a shot lang eh but its on a glass and has a straw on it! come on! hows that! :)) twas really hard, beers are no match to it.. heck!it made me dizzy.. but twas ok..:D

&&bry is the guy _ 21 texts to me.. hahaha.. sweet! nice one bry.. πŸ˜€ last resort? =))

&& ofcourse……. GREYHOUNDZ = <<33 hahaha!

saturday classes, HELL for everyone but it can be sometimes great! =) bio and english class. hehe.. mr.ajero <baliwan class> he always say this words :”ang ingay ingay nitong mga bata na to! bibitawan ko kayo eh.” and my response: “TAGAL????” i loathe that pervert! arrgh! he’s such a freak! arrgh! hehe.. what about?? i saw kuya ace! mumoy said he’s looking at me! hahaha.. suuuwweeeeeeeett! then, then.. mr. mortos gave us a tons of seatwork! but twas okai, english is lurve though mr.mortos’ sw’s are hard.. πŸ˜€ he dismissed the class aroun3:30 but twas supposed to be 3.. oh well… after after. we went to smf to meet punky malecarium. haha… eg’s such a talkshit! pambalana kayo sa away nyo! wat the hell is ur problem! >:D then,then,then.. jeepney to tine’s house.. wenks! && neo’s wrestling made me so tired.. he’s a FAT oh wrong.. UBER OBESE FAT KID! hahaha.. he wrestled me && then mumoy. he loves bumbasor :)) in neomon.. =))

{November 19, 2006}   funny! =))

this is funny.. i look soo chinese! yuck! loathe it!

{November 15, 2006}   perfect day..

heheΓΌ my day i think started great.. we had our first lecture in socio/anthro and our first quiz.. hehe i got perfect.. yaye! and she dismissed the class early. hehe but our time was just wasted. 😦 we waited for the books to be released til 10:30.. too bad i didn’t get to see ACE! haha. i’m h over h about him. hahaha! kuya ACE pala… heheΓΌ he looks like tekki talaga. hehe cute! =) and then when my dad came to fetch me tine asked him if i can join them this saturdaykolum.empty red. rm69 and lost diaries. hehe yaye! dad agreed! πŸ˜€ me soo happy.. πŸ˜€

{November 14, 2006}   up late but nothing happened…

i was into studying anatomy and i was up until 1:30 because Dr.Valera said we’ll have a quiz everytime we meet… but nothing happened!!!! i finished studying the 2 chapters of the manual and i was so ready to take the quiz.. hehe. but twas ok because good thing Dr.Valera will be our Lab assistant nalang. yaye! for I-B! πŸ™‚ Ma’am OhB’s better than him, hehe because it would be less stressful studying than in Dr.Valera’s class. hehe πŸ˜€ i love my groupmates in the lab because i’m with jc, my lyradear, jessica, batutz, pat, mikee, joanne,hahn and cha.. heheΓΌ even my chubbys are all in the same group.. 😦 hehe

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