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{November 8, 2006}   coping..

yaye! finally i like to go to school again during wednesdays.. it’s because of our new socio/anthro professor Mrs. Corpuz who is very funny and articulate( arte and makulet daw accdg. to her). goodbye DENNIS BOOTH and your hard exams.. hello mrs. CORPUZ! hehe.. good thing mr.booth*psy prof* isn’t our socio/anthro prof.. he’s just too hard on giving exams. and he’s everyone’s nightmare.. hehe. no kidding. even i like psych and study about the matter my grades are just enough to pass the subject, meaning i don’t excel on it.. hmp! ok, moving on.. first sem’s over so i shouldn’t be talkin about it. i’m happy because this time i’m coping about the changes and adjusments.. i hope this will continue.. help me God.

and please heal my awful sickness.. i’ve been ill for such a time and i hate feeling this way.. i know i’ll be stressed this second sem that’s why i need to be healthy.. 😀


{November 8, 2006}   my bad start.. =(

ok.. yesterday’s the start of my class for second sem, as the usual i’m LATE! haha. what’s new? i’m still irresponsible (accdg. to Rina). my class starts at 7am and i like got there at 8am, my classroom is still located at the fifth floor so i guess the ELEVATOR is still the best thing in the world whenever i go to school.. haha. the line of the elvi? still long… so i’m so late for the FIRST DAY of classes. hows that? when i got in rm504, everybody’s just chit chattin about what had happened in their vacation its because our LAZY PROFESSORS (mr.sevilla-NSTP and mr.dela cruz-P6) didn’t attend our class. hehe. i dont like my schedule, it’s such a toxic arrangement! oh well, what would i expect, eh our class adviser “i guess” doesn’t even know that we’re his advisory class, so how could he help us about it! he’s such an aswang talaga! duran duran aswangan!=)) in short we just wasted our time going to school when we have just nothing to do. me and my chubbys just spend our time in the kubo. period.

i’m late again, i’m a Filipino. sorry. when i got to school, it’s so stupid to realize that i left my ID in the car. as i was walking to the wonderful gates of my sucking “university DAW”, manong guard approached me and said that i’m not wearing my id. so, i quickly responded that i can just write my name in the book where A LOT of FORGETFUL students LIKE ME write their names whenever they like forget their ids.. and what did FOKKER manong guard say to me? “ah hindi hija! nababasa mo ba yang red na yan?”. after which he had said that words i looked at the “red na yan” that he as talkin about. it just said that: NO ID, UNIFORM, NO ENTRY! ok! so i called my cousin mumoy to like fetch me outside and we called ed my beloved classmate so i can borrow some of his extra id straps.. yaye! good thing he’s still at home. hehe. when ed finally arrived, we decided to passed through the hospital so the FOKKER manong guard won’t remember me. haha. the other manong guards didn’t notice me, haha.. beat that! but poor ed, the other manong guard confiscated he’s id because he didn’t have his proper hair cut.. haha. funny thing, i can be the one dead and like go to the dean’s office but ed was the one that got noticed. hehe.. thanks ed! you’re such a savior! hehe. anatomy laboratory’s our first class we’re so late that’s why i haven’t heard the first sentences that he said to my classmates. but it’s not that important “daw naman”.. our professor looks very strict but i hope he’s nice. i should study!!!!!! that’s the first thing that popped in my mind when he said we’ll have a quiz later. be used that every meeting we’ll have a quiz. i’m dead! i should study na talaga! oh help me God.. i hope my bad start will be changed into a great end.

{November 7, 2006}   yaye! new blog…:D

hehe.. later blog! imma sleep now.. ü

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